Add shine to your Millinery designs

Learn how to make Iridescent Millinery with Lynnette Lim’s step-by-step guidance for four stunning trims: Orchids, Poppies, Starbursts and Butterflies. Discover this shimmery mystery material and learn how to customize patterns and apply to headwear styles for your new collection. Images below of some of the designs demonstrated throughout this course.

Meet Your Millinery Tutor

Australian Milliner Lynnette Lim has been making hats for over 20 years and is renowned in the industry for her impeccable craftsmanship, use of innovative materials and her technical hat making processes. Lynnette has been a finalist in the Australian Masters of Fashion and has won the prestigious MYER Fashions on the Field Millinery Award 2012. Sharing her passion for Millinery, Lynnette is a highly sought-after tutor and has taught at various tertiary colleges and Millinery retreats.

Lynnette Lim

Couture Milliner

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • Before you begin - PDF

    • Introduction

  • 02

    Materials and Tools

    • Chapter 1 - Materials

    • Material information - PDF

    • Chapter 2 - Tools

    • Tools and Equipment list - PDF

  • 03


    • Butterfly Introduction

    • Butterfly pattern - PDF

    • Chapter 3 - Cut, Emboss and Wire

    • Recap of Butterfly

  • 04


    • Starburst Introduction

    • Starburst pattern - PDF

    • Chapter 4 - Cut, Emboss and Assemble

    • Recap of Starburst

  • 05


    • Poppy Introduction

    • Poppy pattern - PDF

    • Chapter 5 - Leaf

    • Chapter 6 - Petals

    • Chapter 7 - Assembling

    • Recap of Poppy

  • 06


    • Orchid Introduction

    • Orchid pattern - PDF

    • Chapter 8 - Cut, Emboss and Assemble

    • Recap of Orchid

  • 07

    Custom Headbands

    • Headband Introduction

    • Chapter 9 - Custom Alice Headband

    • Chapter 9 - Part 2 - Attach trim to Alice Headband

    • Chapter 10 - Custom Banana Headband

    • Chapter 11 - How to attach to a Hat

  • 08

    Rounding Out Your Learning

    • Course overview

By the end of the Course

  • Make four Iridescent Millinery Trims: Poppies, Starbursts, Orchids and Butterflies.

  • Discover how to attach these shiny trims to hats and custom make headbands.

  • Learn how to adapt patterns and techniques to add individual styling for new headwear creations.

Contemporary designs with modern material

In this video course, Lynnette will teach you how to make four stunning signature trims using this modern Millinery material. Discover her tried and tested processes to adapt patterns add individual shiny styling for your new collection.

What others say about learning with Hat Atelier

nkese akinwunmi

5 star rating

“I really loved this course. Thank you Rebecca. And thank you love Lotus. ”

“I really loved this course. Thank you Rebecca. And thank you love Lotus. ”

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Charmaine Mitchell

5 star rating

“Lovely course. Well presented with simple steps. ”

“Lovely course. Well presented with simple steps. ”

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