Hat Blocks

View the hat blocks used through the courses and the 'Rebecca Share' series of hat blocks.

Rebecca Share is honoured to collaborate with Australia’s leading hat block manufacturer ‘Darryll Osborne’ from ‘Hat Blocks Australia’ to create the 'Rebecca Share series' of hat blocks.  Designed by Rebecca and manufactured by Darryll, the sought after and hugely popular headband and Percher style hat blocks are Rebecca's signature style and are now available for all Milliners to enjoy.

Hat Blocks Australia has been operating since 2000 and has grown to be the leading and most sought after hat block manufacturer in Australia. Using the most easy to pin timber and competitive prices in the world, Hat Blocks Australia are renowned for their personalised service and craftsmanship. 

Click to view and order www.hatblocksaustralia.com.au


Soft edged headband


Fully rounded headband


Asymmetrical headband


Sharp edge headband

3D disk set

Percher ha block offers you both a 3-dimensional and a satellite hat shape by blocking the rear only

Lady Jane Grey

A fantastic base for any embellishment or to be the feature itself. Sits 4.5cm tall on the head

Mary Tudor

A fantastic base for any embellishment or to be the feature itself. Sits 6cm tall on the head.


Wide, low profile, symmetrical headband.


A little taller and deeper than the Mary Tudor. The face is flat rather than curved.

Percher Beret set

Large circular hat block with a 'beret' look to it

3D Coolie set

6" disk set includes ram

Bella Pod set

Classic favourite in a two piece block set

Soft Teardrop block and back

Classic soft teardrop with matching back block and a ram

Diamond Pillbox and Ring

Exclusive dramatic pillbox design

Fire block and back

The ever popular fire 3D block set

3D Twist

The top block will fit when rotated 180 degrees to make two different hats from the one block set

Extra Long Teardrop and back

This two section block takes the classic teardrop to a new level

Fedora Pod set

This blockset features a Fedora style indent teamed with Rebecca's signature style back Includes presser and ram

Flower pod set

3 flower-making shapes, available in 5cm, 7cm and 9cm half sphere shapes

'Lear' wing block

A smaller block set with an angled base allowing more options in designing your headwear


Custom designed swirl block used to make and endless variety of flowing designs

Hat Blocks Australia