Iridescent Trims online millinery course

Iridescent Millinery

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Lovely luminous materials and chic designs! Join renowned milliner Lynnette Lim on this journey to create stunning iridescent millinery. Discover cutting edge materials and techniques as you zoom in on four shiny trims: butterflies, orchids, poppies and starbursts.

Get up close with this mysterious, shimmery material and learn how to customise patterns and apply to a range of headwear styles for your next collection. Did you know? Your tutor Lynnette was the first to introduce this ground breaking iridescent material to the millinery industry and is the only one in the world teaching her signature techniques.



Our course includes everything you need to create the perfect iridescent designs for hats, headpieces and bridal.


Easy to follow online video courses


Step-by-step instructions and templates


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Iridescent Millinery online hat making course

Iridescent Millinery



Shiny objects are a thing of beauty. Learn to make head-framing iridescent butterflies and master this ultra-modern material along the way. Easily adapt patterns to loads of different headwear types and discover Lynnette’s signature techniques and easy-to-use tools for embossing these sought after trims.

How-to modules:

  • Material Fundamentals
  • Pattern Preparation and Adaptation
  • Essential Embossing Processes
  • Attachment Techniques


Shimmer-up your millinery floral repertoire with iridescent flowers for two dazzling blooms: orchids and poppies. Your talented tutor Lynnette steps you through her detailed process to emboss and assemble these structural florals.

How-to modules:

  • Material Fundamentals
  • Pattern Preparation and Adaptation
  • Essential Embossing Processes
  • Attachment Techniques


Whether you’re imagining a spectacular headpiece or a simple headband, you can’t go past these irresistible iridescent starbursts. They dazzle in a multitude of fireworks formations your clients will love. Get savvy with essential wiring and secure attachment techniques to make every silhouette stunning.

How-to modules:

  • Material Fundamentals
  • Pattern Preparation and Adaptation
  • Essential Embossing Processes
  • Make a Starburst Headpiece


All of our courses are designed for beginners, with no experience necessary.


No experience necessary


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Julie Herbert

“I want to say a huge thanks to Rebecca for this amazing course.  I was pretty much stuck on blocking leather crowns and you just made my millinery world so much easier to make them. Such great detail in the tutorials and step by step that made me feel so much better in my work.  Also love how I can find where I was last up to and can go back to the section I really wanted to go back to, which has made it way much easier than any other online millinery tutorial platforms.”

Ana Victoria Mulcahy

“AMAZING COURSE! I just loved this course!! It is so complete and offers so many possibilities!! Rebecca explains everything so well and the course is divided in small videos which makes very easy to go back and see again just the part that you need… I so much recommend this course!!”

Caren Stevenson

“I just loved this course and love the end results. So easy, so feminine and stylish! I’m excited to get started with making a lot of these beauties! I’m always so happy to learn under Rebecca’s guidance, she really is a master in her field and I’m looking forward to seeing future designs!”

Irene Moore

“Wonderful course taught by Giulia, very happy with my silk flowers, even though I didn’t have all of the tools I was able to improvise to create beautiful flowers, which was brilliant. Her step by step instructions were easy to follow and understand. Would definitely recommend this course, thank you and look forward to any further online courses from Giulia.”

Lucy Walters

“I feel like a whole new milliner after working with you. I feel so much more confident, I’ve got a totally different outlook on my work. It’s been the best thing for me and now I’m at my busiest time with a great new outlook!”

Alexia Adamidou

“Amazing course loved it! All the techniques explained in detail in order to create breathtaking feather headpieces.”

Rachel and Kate

“Thank you so much, we loved the two courses we took – Floating Headpieces and Iridescent Millinery. Thoroughly enjoyed the courses THANK YOU.”

Tatiana Vargas

“This technique is amazing, the result is beautiful and can be used for a variety of projects. The steps are easy to follow and the materials are not hard to find. I loved it.”

Yvonne Cunnington

“Wonderful Headband course presented by Rebecca – so easy to follow, clear instruction and I love the way the course was broken down into the different elements so you can find things again without have to search through the whole presentation. Can’t wait to get started, very inspirational. Thank you.”